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Online CRI Grant Application

Michigan Credit Union CRI Grant Application

Each grant application will be reviewed competitively based on the information provided within the following sections.

* Required Field
* Date of Application / / (mm/dd/yyyy)
* Applicant Name: (Organization)
* President/CEO/Manager:
* Organization Adderss:
* City:
* State:
* Zip Code:
* Phone:() - ext
  Fax:() -
  Grant Contact: (if not CEO)
  Phone:() - ext
* E-mail:
* Purpose of Grant (one sentence):
* Amount of Grant Requested:$
* Totat Project Budget: $

Section 1: Statement of Need

Please describe in 250 words or less the specific problems that will be solved and/or needs that will be met through your project that fit within the mission of the Community Reinvestment Initiative (e.g. financial education, serving low wealth and modest means populations, banking the unbanked).

* Statement of Need

Section 2: Description of Proposed Activities

Please describe in 300 words or less your plans for implementation, timeframes for activities, and the personnel responsible for managing and implementing your project.

* Proposed Activities

Section 3: Measures of Success

Please list your project's goals and qualitative and/or quantitative achievements to measure each goal's success.

Provide a brief (100 words or less) narrative with more details on how achieving these goals will help meet the needs of the community, and/or target population.

  Project Goal
  Measure of Success
  Project Goal
  Measure of Success
  Project Goal
  Measue of Success
  Project Goal
  Measure of Success
  Project Goal
  Measure of Success

Section 4: Leveraged Funds/Partner Organizations

Please provide a list of the organizations that are making a financial contribution or with which you are partnering to support the project. This can include your own organization as well as partners. List the dollar amount of funds each organization will be contributing.

In narrative below the table, please briefly (in 100 words or less) describe how the funds will be used.

Leverage Funds/Partner Organzations

 Name of Organization$ Amount of Leverage Funds/Other Contributions

Section 5: Sustainability

  Will the project be sustainable after the one year grand period?

  If no, please explain:

Section 6: Project Budget

Project Budget. Please upload a project budget. Please place an asterisk next to all line items to be covered by the Michigan Credit Union Foundation grant. Place a different mark next to line items to be covered by other sources as you have outlined in Section 4. Include assumptions and a brief narrative as appropriate.

  Upload Budget Document

Section 7: Supporting documents

Supporting documents
Please upload up to three supporting documents if desired.

  Supporting Document One
  Supporting Document Two
  Supporting Document Three
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