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CU Lending Solutions

For more information about any of CUcorp’s CU Lending Solutions, contact your Business Consultant at 800-262-6285, ext. 534 or contact us online.

CUDL AutoSMART -  Auto Research Web Site
CUcorp has partnered with CUDL to bring credit unions CUDL AutoSMART.  CUDL AutoSMART is an automotive research tool that your credit union controls, co-brands and customizes with a variety of opt-in/opt-out features, providing your members with the ideal online automobile research web site. With AutoSMART, your credit union:

  • Controls which dealers are on your program
  • Is able to facilitate the auto loans directly to your members 
  • Enhances both brand awareness and your credit union’s website offering 
CUDL AutoSMART is a cost-effective and measurable mechanism, plus it’s the perfect way to reach the younger demographic. This growing segment is technology savvy and will want to do business with financial institutions that speak to them on their level. For credit union members, the CUDL AutoSMART website provides a state-of-the-art car shopping experience, offering robust vehicle research capabilities and an expanded library of online automobile shopping resources.

For additional information on the CUDL AutoSMART program, contact  your CUcorp Business Consultant at 800-262-6285 ext 534 / email or contact Robert Philpot at CUDL at 734-837-6716.
CUDL - Indirect Lending
CUDL is the nation's leader in indirect and point-of-purchase auto lending services for the credit union industry. Since 1994, CUDL has partnered with our nation's credit unions and auto dealers to bring credit union members a comprehensive, state-of-the-art auto-buying resource. As a CUSO, CUDL develops custom applications and solutions, training, marketing programs, and administers the nation's largest credit union auto lending network, to help credit unions achieve their auto lending goals. Through the power of the CUDL Network, the company connects over 9,000 dealerships with over 700 credit unions, and their 20 million members nationwide. Click here to visit the CUDL website.

Credit Union Student Choice
CUCorp has partnered with Credit Union Student Choice, the leading provider of private student lending services to America’s credit unions, to help more credit unions offer affordable student loan products to their members. Credit Union Student Choice is a credit union service organization (CUSO) founded in 2008 by several of the nation’s leading credit unions and CUSOs. 

The Student Choice network enables credit unions of all asset sizes and fields of membership to make private student loans that may be held on their own balance sheet to recognize the long-term economic return of the loan relationship. The CUSO helps credit unions by managing many of the challenges and risks commonly associated with student lending. To learn more or find out how your credit union can participate, contact Tara Rohlan at 800-262-6285, ext. 569 or at Click here to read the Credit Union Student Choice brochure.

Credit Card Servicing Programs
CUcorp offers credit unions of every size an opportunity to offer credit card programs to their members. Through various partnerships with Fidelity Information Services (FIS), the Illinois Credit Union League and the Discover Network, credit unions can choose from a complete turnkey program where CU Lending Solutions provides back office support or an internal credit program where the credit union manages all aspects of their card program.
Click here for detailed information about CUcorp's Credit Card Programs.

Discover Network Co-Branded Credit Cards
CUcorp has partnered with the Discover Network to give credit unions the opportunity to offer their members Co-Branded Cards. Discover Network’s Co-Branded credit cards combine the strengths and benefits of the business brand, backed by an unparalleled level of resources and support from Discover Network. By working with Co-Branded Card partners, Discover Network can help increase direct mail response rates, activation rates and spend levels. What’s more, the flexible network infrastructure enables Discover Network to shape a Co-Branded Card product around the specific needs and goals of the business.  Click here for more information on the Discover Networks Co-Branded Credit Cards.

Credit Card Products
CUcorp along with our partners, FIS and Dynamic Card Solutions International, offer a variety of products to assist credit unions in providing an attractive and competitive credit card program.  Click here for more information on CUcorp's Credit Card Products Programs.

Mortgages - Mortgage Center
Mortgage Center LC is a CUSO serving nearly 60 credit unions and their members since 1990. Their goal is to become your credit union’s mortgage center while making it seamless to your members.

Mortgage Center services all of the loans in house, with closing ratios well above average. Your credit union will always have first right of refusal and earn significant income whether you choose to put a loan into your portfolio or not. They offer a full menu of first mortgage products and are extremely competitive in the marketplace.  Click here for more information about Mortgage Center.

Small Business Report - Equifax
The Equifax Small Business Report is a product that combines previously unavailable banking and leasing payment information with trade and credit history information. Now, for the first time ever, small business credit grantors have access to data that will assist them in assessing risk, preventing fraud, managing portfolios, and recovering unpaid balances. Through the Small Business Financial Exchange, credit unions can even locate skipped accounts by having access to a database of positive and negative tradeline information related to small businesses. The Small Business Financial Exchange is a Member-owned database built and managed by Equifax. This solution equips small business lenders with previously unavailable data for well-informed credit decisions. The data will help credit unions reduce risk exposure and improve collection rates.