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Office Depot*:

Through CUcorp's partnership with Office Depot, your credit union can receive fantastic discounts on office supplies to keep your business humming.  With the Credit Union Cooperative Purchasing Plan, your credit union can receive immediate savings and decrease overhead costs. 

The Michigan Credit Union League, CUcorp, and hundreds of credit unions are currently reducing office supply costs by participating in this Plan.

Key features of the Credit Union Cooperative Purchasing Plan include:

  • 70% off the already low “List Price” in the Office Depot catalog 
  • Customization of 25 of your most used items
  • Next business day delivery
  • FREE shipping and delivery
  • No minimum purchase requirements
  • Four easy ways to place your orders: online, retail stores, phone or by fax
  • No obligation

Signing up is easy. Fill out the Enrollment Form and fax it to us at 734.793.5160. Once your form has been received, you’ll receive a Start Up Kit with your account number within 8-10 business days either via mail or email.

For more information or to set-up your credit union account, contact your League Respresentative at 800-262-6285, ext. 398.

* Available only to Michigan and Ohio credit unions.