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CUcorp, in partnership with Sprint, offers discounted wireless service for both members and credit unions.  More than 952,000 members nationwide are currently receiving discounts on their wireless needs through this savings plan.

Take advantage of this great opportunity brought to you by CUcorp and Sprint .

Sprint Invest in America banner

Member Credit Union
  • 10% off most regularly price Sprint Nextel Service plans
  • Waived activation fee on new activations
  • Waived upgrade fee
  • Marketing incentives = $ for your CU
  • FREE marketing materials
  • Added-value of membership
  • Requires little effort

Business Everyone
  • 15% discount on most corporate liable monthly recurring Sprint Nextel charges
  • Waived activiation fee on new activations
  • Waived upgrade fee
  • Equipment discounts
  • Nationwide coverage
  • National rates with no roaming or long distance charges
  • Available to new and existing Sprint Nextel customers








 Sprint Nextel Credit Union Presentation

For more information or to sign up your credit union for participation, call 800-262-6285 ext. 521.