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AAA Group Services 
Home/Auto/Life Insurance and Membership for your Members

The AAA Group Services program is designed to help Michigan credit unions use the power of one of the nation’s leading brand names to help them attract and retain credit union members, and to enhance the lifetime profitability of those members. Credit unions work with AAA to develop member affinity programs that offer the AAA Membership, AAA Travel, AAA Group Auto and Homeowners Insurance, AAA Life Insurance, and AAA Trust services to members in ways that enhance the value of credit union membership. Whether you are looking to build earning asset volume, increase your funds gathering efficiency, or simply increase member retention, look
to AAA for a solution.

In support of Invest in America, AAA Michigan is offering any credit union member who buys a new vehicle through the program and signs up for a new primary AAA Michigan membership, a free first-year upgrade to a primary AAA Plus Membership. This upgrade will not only save members $28, but it also increases benefits/coverage for fuel delivery, lockout services, towing, car travel interruption and covers RVs and trailers.

For more information on AAA Group Services, contact your League Representative at 800.262.6285 ext. 398 or contact us online.


CUNA Mutual Group 
Insurance Products for both Credit Unions and their Members

The CUNA Mutual Group is the leading provider of financial services to credit unions and their members worldwide, offering lending, protection, financial, employee and member solutions through strategic partnerships, technological innovations and multiple service channels. The mutual insurers of the CUNA Mutual Group are owned by their policyholders and operate to serve their best interests. 

For more information on CUNA Mutual Group Services, contact your League Respresentative at 800.262.6285 ext. 398 or contact us online.