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Create a Campaign
Looking to create a new marketing campaign for your credit union, but your budget won’t cooperate? That’s where Create-a-Campaign comes in. We offer credit unions affordable, turnkey and customizable marketing materials for any size budget. Get the expensive look without the big price tag.
Each Create-a-Campaign is available in four different product lines: checking accounts, savings accounts, vehicle loans and credit cards. There are four formats available per product line: statement insert, postcards and two poster sizes. You have the ability to pick the color, photo group (for select campaigns) and, for inserts and postcards, bullet points for each piece. You can even add you own customized bullet point should you choose.
We’ve created four distinct campaigns for you to choose from, each one focusing on different creative treatment, lifestyle characteristics and overall approach:

  • My Life
    For your tech-savvy, forward thinking members

For more information, please call 800.435.2824.