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Board Governance Consulting
We have partnered with Mike Moyes to provide consulting services on Board Governance. Mr. Moyes has over 20 years of credit union industry experience. He can assist your credit union with:

  • Assessment of current governance practices
  • Implementation of a comprehensive governance program that addresses all governance issues, including training
  • Consultancy service
  • Training

To learn more about Mike Moyes and his Board Governance Consulting services, please click here.

Facility Planning and Building
Michigan credit unions will have access to a myriad of architectural design, construction management and branding services specifically designed for the financial services industry at a discounted rate, through a partnership between CUcorp and NewGround. An international design/build and retail services firm, NewGround offers credit unions strategic insight and solutions to develop and deliver a more powerful member experience.  Click here for detailed information on Facility Planning and Building.

IT Consulting 
Keeping up with the latest technologies, ensuring that your technology systems are secure, and developing a realistic and sound disaster recovery plan are critical issues for credit unions today. However, most credit unions don’t have the resources of time and staff to devote to these issues. If you need help with your technology security or business continuity planning efforts, CUcorp and CU Village have the expertise to ensure these critical areas are covered. Consulting services include developing policies, procedures and other documentation necessary for regulatory compliance and good technology management or our consultants can perform risk assessments to determine exactly where you stand and where you need to get to. 

Regulatory Compliance Consulting
Keeping up with the constant change in the laws and regulations affecting credit unions can be overwhelming. Regulators, feeling the pressure from both consumers and Congress, are raising the bar and demanding higher levels of compliance to protect the public and ensure institutional safety and soundness. CUcorp’s Regulatory Compliance Consulting Services can provide customized training and assistance to help you more effectively manage the daunting regulatory requirements that are draining resources and attention from what should be your key focus: serving your members. Click here for detailed information on the specific Regulatory Compliance Consulting offered.

CUNA Strategic Services Security Solutions
Security SolutionsTM, a comprehensive suite of products and services and educational training and consulting that will help you foster a safer, more prepared credit union environment. CUNA’s Security SolutionsTM protect you across multiple areas of security. Physical Security, Network Security, Fraud Prevention, Business Continuity – they’re all part of our concerted effort to fully safeguard your credit union, employees, and members. Click here for detailed information on the Security Solutions offered.

Leadership Development - The Staver Group
We are about courage! The courage to help leaders look at their organizations and take action to grow and develop their futures and the future of their business. 
The Staver Group is focused on enhancing the courage of an organization’s leadership. Our goal in our client partnerships is to ensure that the heart of the leader is beating in the chest of the followers. This “heartbeat” starts with the senior executive and works its way through the organization at all levels. We work at the strategic level with the owners/executives to ensure that the desired results are clear, that the culture is aligned with the vision, mission and values of the organizations and that all managers in the organization have the skills and mind-set to be leaders.   Click here for more information on The Staver Group.