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CUNA Strategic Services Security Solutions

NEW! Security SolutionsTM, a comprehensive suite of products and services and educational training and consulting that will help you foster a safer, more prepared credit union environment.
CUNA’s Security SolutionsTM protect you across multiple areas of security. Physical Security, Network Security, Fraud Prevention, Business Continuity – they’re all part of our concerted effort to fully safeguard your credit union, employees, and members.
Physical Security
Keep your staff and members far out of harm’s way and prevent losses from physical damage, theft, and unauthorized access to critical equipment and documents.  For a list of articles about Physical Security, click here.
Network Security
Keep your network operational and intruders or other dangers at bay, preserving the privacy, integrity, and availability of electronic data. Learn how to comply with applicable federal and state laws.
Fraud Prevention
Protect your credit union and members from identity theft and phishing exploits. Outsmart potential perpetrators, take heed of suspicious account activity manage your internal risks, and follow other proactive measures to safeguard your members’ identity and your credit union’s intellectual property.
Business Continuity
Establish business continuity planning resources and a course of action that will accelerate your return to “business as usual” in the wake of a crisis. Understand how to test and update your plan to ensure its ever-lasting dependability.
To have a Security SystemsTM representative contact your credit union, call CUNA Member Service at 800-356-8010, press 3, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.